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A message from our Founder

"It all started with our imagination to build a safe space that’s free from harsh judgement and social prejudice. A space where healthy communication is a reality, and kindness is prioritized above all else.


So, where do we begin?"

Re-thinking social interaction

Fundamentally, we had to rethink social interactions. Understanding cause and effect, and its impact on behaviour, emerged as a cornerstone in maintaining a safe space.

At InPower, we recognize the uniqueness of everyones experiences. We understand that every transactional experience created the final result of who we are, the way we think, and ultimately, how we interact. We provide the positive reinforcement to enlighten members at the source. We've teamed up with researchers, behavioural psychologists, and influencers to help members understand the fundamentals of healthy social behaviour.

We are who we surround ourselves with. At InPower we surround ourselves with respectful people who have good intentions. We created our fundamental badges for members to join private groups (like how to be an empathetic person, conflict resolution skills, how to not be judgemental online) so that every member is surrounded by those who are passionate about having a platform that is safe and respectful for everyone.

Humble Beginnings..

Razan Talebian founded InPower in 2014 originally as a private Facebook group for women and has grown to attract tens of thousands of active followers looking to escape social media harassment, also characterized as online bullying. Many private group members have suffered abuse, harassment, trolls, flaming, and other forms of cyberbullying and joined looking to heal. Since its inception, the group has enlarged its rules and now accepts all individuals who define themselves as women, non-binary, or genderqueer.

In 2021, Razan Talebian, growing frustrated with the limitations and various confusing Facebook rules, embarked on a journey to develop a truly independent network where members can interact with each other and professionals based on standard shared sets and a pledge to be supportive and kind to one another.

The group’s roots can be traced back to Razan’s resilience and drive to maintain harmony. Years of analyzing why people are experiencing online bullying and with the feedback of the community led her to understand three points: that traditional social media is unsafe because of misinformation, lack of healthy communication, and unidentified profiles. 

Now theres a new platform that presents a new approach to connect and feel safe online.

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